The Lifeboat Station Project

Last year we came across a really great project called The Lifeboat Station Project by a photographer called Jack Lowe. Jack has set himself the incredible task to document all 237 RNLI Lifeboat Stations in the UK and the Republic of Ireland using victorian photographic methods, which by his own reckoning is set to take him 5 years to complete.

Lifeboats are quite close to me as in January of last year I too joined and become part of my local lifeboat crew in Old Hunstanton. It’s something which I wished I had thought about doing many years before as It’s a great experience and I take real pride in my role. I actually found out about Jack’s project just as he headed to our station at the start of the project, I unfortunately however was not able to make it, but the images he created were fantastic and it started to get me thinking….

I decided to get in touch with Jack and ask about documenting his project with a short film. To my delight Jack was interested and we set about sorting dates for me to head over to the next lot of stations he was heading to. This took me to Newlyn in Cornwall where I spent a couple of days working with Jack to document the way he works and the greater meaning behind the project.
I managed to come away with some great footage and the main narrative structure for the film. I still have some additional filming to do before I can finish the film and I plan to join Jack again when he heads over to the East coasts of Lincolnshire to pick up some of the additional footage I need.

I can’t wait to finish this project, It a real privilege to be able to not only show what Jack is achieving by his project, but also working with the various RNLI crews around the Uk and allow a better insight into the operations of our local lifeboat stations.


Images of Jacks Lifeboat Station Project

Here are a few snaps from while filming different bits from the documentary so far.

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