The Lifeboat Station Project | Documentary

In early 2015, Schoolhouse Digital Director Peter Naylor enrolled at his local RNLI station in Hunstanton as crew. In the first few weeks of being there he had heard about a photographer who had recently been to the station and photographed the crew as part of a larger project. This in itself is not uncommon as photographers are often visiting the station. However, when viewing the images that had been made, Peter immediately realised that this was to be an altogether different photographic undertaking and a fantastic project to get behind.

Peter had discovered Jack Lowe’sLifeboat Station Project” a photographic mission about the lifeboat volunteers, for the lifeboat volunteers. Travelling in his mobile darkroom (a decommissioned NHS ambulance), Jack Lowe uses ancient process to make photographs on glass as the Victorians used to between the 1850s and 1880s. By visiting all 237 RNLI Lifeboat Stations in the UK and Republic of Ireland, he is creating an unprecedented photographic documentation, immortalising a vital aspect of our island nation’s culture. Through Peter, Schoolhouse started documenting the projects journey over the last couple of years to create a short documentary film which will not only help with the promoting of Jack’s project, but also allow an insight into what it is to undertake a project of this scale and the effect it has had on him so far.

The final photographs will ultimately be showcased in a stunning exhibition and book, both of which are set to be hugefundraisers for the RNLI.

The Lifeboat Station Project is currently scheduled to be completed in 2020. Learn more at