Anglia | Web Series

We love working with local fine art landscape photographer, Harry Cory Wright and the proposals he puts our way. This time we were asked to create a series of short films no longer than 1.30 to act as a web series which teases explanations on his latest project, Anglia.

Through his 8 x 10 camera he vividly depicts Anglia, a rich parallel world which retains strong geographical references but is at once removed from any specific place. With nods both to Dan Brown’s historically steeped narratives and to Iain M Banks’s conjuring of future worlds beyond our own, he creates a series of photographs which prompt us to reconsider new ways of observing the timelessness of the present.

We shot the film in a style which complemented the landscapes he was to work in as well as the concept he talks about in each film. As all these films were to be launched individually on social media in the lead up to his exhibition, it was important that they not only gave a brief inside into the project, but also created a bit of buzz in the lead up to the exhibition.