Sony Fs7 – New Year, New Gear!

We decided that at the end of last year it was time to upgrade. For the last few years we have mainly been shooting with the Canon EOS cinema camera’s and we have loved them dearly. But times are changing and we need to make sure that our kit it up to the task, so we decided that we were to jump ships!

We are now the proud owners of a Sony Fs7. The cameras a great bit of kit and allows us some fancy technical options over what we had before, particularly the slow motion capabilities, 4K recording and its 14 stop dynamic range. We cant wait to start shooting with this camera properly and show off what this camera can do, what we have seen out of it so far is lovely and we have quite a few cool projects lined up for this year which it will be perfect for.

In the meantime though, here’s a really nice example of the image that comes out of the camera.



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