Brand Photography

Since the start of the year we have been waiting for the better weather and in April we finally found it. We had been asked to create brand photography for new North Norfolk start-up who would be offering to ability to hire vintage style motorbikes in the form of Royal Enfield’s.

As I mentioned, we needed the better weather to arrive as all of our images would be shot on location in and around Norfolk’s quiet back roads, which we had searched out to suggest the idea of adventure and exploration into this rural part of the world. The brief was to create a series of images that not only suggested a vintage style of fun, but acted as inspiration to their customers as to the adventure that they could have.

In truth the photographs we made were only a part of the project as we also created a website for the new company, which can be found here

We are super pleased with the outcome of both the photographs and the website and from it we have a very happy client, which it the cherry on the cake; here’s to more great projects as the year progresses.



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